Monday, January 18, 2010

new background

I added a new background to my blog today. Thanks Kay for showing me the link that was too easy! But then choosing a background oh my goodness!

I chose one and decided bluk... changed it to this one but hmmmm not really sure about this one either.

Quiet day today.., got to go and get some milk as the froglet drinks it by the litre. Extra day of work tomorrow... think of the money...

Raining again today yippee! need to fill that tank up.

Have sat here and opened up a million tabs full of other peoples blogs,
saved a few that I liked more than others. need to get up and do something.
Or do I? *evil grin*

1 comment:

Christine M said...

Cute background Libby. It is hard to pick one isn't it? Cheers, Christine