Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lunch with family

Today the noisy one and myself met up with my mum and my sister in law and beautiful nieces for lunch. The meal itself was presented very nicely but the muzza waiter we had could have done with a rocket up his proverbial! Coffee was nice but way too cold for my liking. The chocolate fudge brownie and icecream was excellent. I need to bring my camera with me more often. Thanks Jess for bringing the dragon lady up for the outing :)

A few weeks ago I commented on one of my favorite blogs that I have been following for the past year and I won a lovely prize of fat quarters, a yummy pack of charm squares and a delightful panel for a baby quilt. Thank you so much Linda! You can see Lindas blog is on my favorites under gum valley patchwork which is her shop in Cooriemungle (where? if hear you say!) Near Port Campbell on the great Ocean Road have a look at Lindas Blog as she has details on her shop location. If you are going down that way make sure you make time to pop in, if you have the family with you tell them she makes wicked cookies!

The froglet and I made a bag together last year from fabric we bought from Linda and the pattern as well which I can't find and don't remember who designed it (I know someone will tell me) I think I know who designed it but I dont want to say her name then find it was the other designer! It a lovely bag.... just call me sieve head!

We dumped the contents of our rainwater tank onto our front garden and lawn yesterday as rain was predicted today so the tanks would fill up again. I dont think we have had that much rain but I hope the garden enjoyed the 3000 ltrs! A few weeks ago the front garden flooded from the rain, it didnt last long!
Hope you are all enjoying the cooler weather and your rain tanks were topped up today.


Kay said...

Um..... not enjoying the cooler weather. It has been foggy from the melting snow and that damp cold just seeps into my bones. And the ground is still frozen so any melting is just running off. But I'm glad you are enjoying cooler and rainier. :D

PS Love the bag! Good job!

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Looks like Melly's "Toffee Apple Bag" Libster.

You know how much I like this bag - Chez Moi Fabric = Yum.