Friday, January 8, 2010

Kokoda Trail Walk

Ealier this year some of my friends from the gym and I went up to the Dandenongs to 'walk' the 1000 steps. I managed to complete the walk 2 times. We hope to return to the track again soon and next time Im going to complete it at least 3 times!! If you havent done this walk before I can highly recommend it, but I do warn you its not an easy walk, the stairs get steeper each time you go up.
Going down is the easy bit! I prefer the steps themselves rather than the Lyrebird track which is hard on the knees.
Do take some time to think about what the track represents and read the plaques as you go up. If you live in Melbourne and are thinking about doing the real Kokoda track this is the place to go to train.
Remember to take plenty of water and have comfortable sensible shoes!

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Kay said...

This sounds so interesting. I'd love to take this walk, but it would take me a long, slow time. And I'd probably cry thinking about the bravery of those men.