Sunday, January 29, 2012

Triathlon pink

Well a year ago my training partner and I embarked on our very first triathlon. We did the mini which was a 200m swim, a 6km ride and a 2km run. I was to be blunt rooted after it lol.

We had trained hard for our event but we didn't realise how hard we would go and in many ways we hadn't trained properly. How ever we enjoyed ourselves and since then we have done 2 other open water triathlons.

Today we returned to MSAC to participate again, this year we decided to go the long course. So 300m swim, 9km ride and a 3km run. I have been really crook this week with a flu bug, but dosed myself up to the eyeballs in cold and flu tablets and other immune helping stuffs.

The swim wasn't too bad, bit like swimming in a washing machine full of legs and arms. The ride was good as long as you knew how to avoid the newbies who wobble all over the road and the run, well that was bloody long! and you avoided the swamp that the nearby sprinklers had made. All in all it was a great event.

So how did I go you ask?? WELL.... I completed it in 46.32 and my buddy in 45.17 coming 42nd overall and 31st overall out of 222 entries. The most exciting thing though, is that I came 1ST in my age group!!! whoooo hoooo. Now that's a win!


Jennifer said...

How bloody wonderful, you two sure pick your weather though - imagine what could be achieved in half decent weather. Congratulations, so proud.

Christine M said...

Way to go Libby!

CLaire - Matching Pegs said...

Well done Libby! Congratulations

CurlyPops said...

Woohoo! Well done Libby, especially in that heat.

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