Sunday, January 1, 2012

hot weather on the way

I had the best new years eve with my family and bestest friends.

I hope that you all had a safe and enjoyable new years eve.

Tomorrow is going to be bloody hot, so make sure you all stay inside under your air conditioners or in the pool coated in sunscreen.

Take a moment though to think of my friends and I as we ride 70km through Geelong on Amy's ride. (if you aren't interested in my boot camp side of my blog you can tune out now). The ride has been developed to help stop rider fatalities by promoting rider awareness it also is run in Adelaide and Canberra.

I will let you all know that I haven't melted :)


Jennifer said...

Best of luck for the ride, take care in the heat - don't need to tell you, but keep up the fluids. Cheers Jen

CurlyPops said...

Wow - good luck! I hope the organisers have taken precautions for the crazy heat.

Christine M said...

Good luck Libby. I'll think of you as I'm sitting stitching in the cool!