Wednesday, January 18, 2012

giant hail and quilts

I bought myself some nice bike shoes to use with the beast. I have been practicing on the bikes in RPM class.... clicking in on the move isn't as easy as it looks!

On Christmas day we had very bizarre weather and the day finished up with a massive rainstorm with hail the size of large golf balls

It shredded my tomatoes that were doing really really well (shattered)

My poor lizard almost drowned!

This was out the front of the house, the hail stacked up against the wall and looked suspiciously like snow.

On a quilty note now.... here is a top I have made for a work colleagues granddaughter... now to baste.

this is the start of the next quilt I have to make for my cousins new baby

after I put it together I realised that I wasn't supposed to actually sew all the same coloured sections together! so a little frog stitching was done.

I selections of the fabrics that I am actually using for this quilt

All chopped up and ready to sew.

I'm now on 2 weeks annual leave whooo hooo! time to sew, exercise and drink coffee with my friends!

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Maddy said...

Quilt top looks great!! Your friends granddaughter is a very lucky young lady. Enjoy your time off.