Sunday, February 19, 2012

next quilt please

creepy cat!

One of my inspectors!!

I cooked this epic pie...omg it was sooooo yummy

can you see the mistake?? I fixed it before I sewed it together!

I completed the top today, just need to put on a white border and ask my quilter if she has space for me!!

I have the tough blokes challenge coming up in a couple of weeks, a swimathon and a possible 2 bike rides to choose from! I have been asked to join a team to do the tough mudder but it would end up being a whole weekend away so have declined this year.


Maddy said...

Quilt pattern is very effective, looks great with the white background. Good luck with your challenges enjoy!

QueenB said...

if the mistake is the 2 red/oranges together I fpund it otherwise it's a case of the barn door. Looks lovely. Glad to hear you are enjoying the tri's and all that exercise.