Saturday, January 14, 2012

farmers market

Today I met my friend in Ballan (country Victoria) and went to the local farmers market. It was small but some very nice produce at an excellent price. I bought some to die for biscuits... they are like melting moments but chocolate with a coffee centre.. OMG!! the noisy one came with me and chose some chocolate ones that she said were the best!

Of course we went into the quilt shop next door and oohed and ahhed over some of the beautiful quilts displayed.

I also purchased (well my friend bought it) the pattern for Gulliver from ric rac's Jodie. My friend loves crocs and has been asking me for yonks where her Gulliver is.... now I have no excuse!!

These photos actually have nothing to do with my post today.... they were taken at my sister in laws 50th birthday party recently. She had a 50 years and over theme.... she had this stuff all around the room... loved it!

I took some photos but haven't uploaded them yet, but here is some other photos for you all to see!

Here is Milly with her Christmas toy.... she is getting a big girl

Cookie wasn't really impressed with his new hat

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