Monday, January 2, 2012

I survived

I survived!!!

what an amazing day. I rode 73km in 4 hours. I killed off 3141kcal.... gotta love that!

I think I drank 6 litres of water.

We left just after 9am from Geelong and set off at a nice steady pace, we had people overtaking us left right and centre.... but we just plodded along at our pace which was around 20-25kph depending on the hills etc.

My poor buddy really felt the heat and was done in about 10-12km from the finish line. We had an angel appear with a jug of iced water from her house that we were sitting outside in the shade that helped us continue on our way... it only took about 20mins and the water was hot.

I phoned her hubby to come and pick us up in the car..... she decided that she felt better and we started to ride again.... got a call from him to ask us where we were.... then we saw him.... on his bike!! omg, I think my buddy wanted to murder him. BUT she finished the ride, we stopped for another break and devoured lemonade icypoles then rolled into the finish line.

It was bloody hot!

the question is would I do it again??? YES I would do it tomorrow! Was a challenging ride without being ridiculous but the temperature.... no I wouldn't ride in 40 degrees if I have a choice.

Thank you to team coffee for participating in this event with me, makes eventing so much more enjoyable with friends


Christine M said...

Glad you survived Libby. Great effort. I looked for you on the news last night but didn't see you! Congratulations on your ride.

Jennifer said...

Well done - have been hanging out to see how you guys went. What a lovely lady to bring you out the water. Congratulations. Well done to the husband - I'm sure he knew she'd be disappointed if she didn't finish.