Friday, May 6, 2011

Sorry I disappeared!!

Howdy folks,

Sorry to disappear like that but I went on holiday to the UK for 4 weeks and had limited Internet access.

I will be posting some select photos from my travels in the coming weeks for your viewing pleasure.

Since coming home I returned to the gym after doing nothing like I had been. Day one wasn't too bad, with a little muscle tightness.... day 2 was a nice swim but I could feel it in my arms. Day 3 was pump....owwwwww that hurt! day 4, well, what can I say? My P/T decided to do our fitness test again (after being off!!!) nasty man.

I was pleasantly surprised, I improved on the beep test with a result of 5.3 (but my chest was really hurting) and then all my other exercises I had slightly improved, until I reached the final 20Min's then I started to fatigue. So all in all, I didn't put on weight nor loose too much fitness but I do feel a little less toned.

Today was day 5 and it was RPM... did well until the 2Nd last track and I started to struggle to maintain my speed.

I still have one more week off work so will continue with the gym each morning!

stay tuned for photos

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Christine M said...

Glad you're back safe and sound. I'm looking forward to seeing some piccies!