Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bound for Ireland

This is wollerton Hall, a very stately mansion near my father in laws. There are free roaming deer on the grounds and the girls were intrigued by the mole holes in the ground.

The mansion has some rooms done up like it would have been when the family resided there and the rest of it is a museum of the most unlikely artifacts from semi precious stones to stuffed animals. Now of course animal lovers would not be happy about this but these were done in the days waaaaaaaay before animal rights and it does give one the opportunity to see some animals up close.

We drove from Nottingham to Holyhead in Wales to catch the ferry to Dublin.

Had a chuckle when we saw this on the ferry.... made me feel so much safer lol

This was our first view of Ireland from the Ferry

Of course we saw many white swans as we travelled, I love our black swans but the white swans are very beautiful too.

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