Sunday, March 20, 2011

community festival

Today was one of our local community festivals. The froglet and her dance school participated for the second year.

this year they couldn't dance in the lake area as there is actually water in it!! There was a black swan enjoying himself though!

After the dancing (it was damn hot too, makeup melted!) The froglets friends all gathered together and we went to look at the rides.

You wouldn't catch me on this sucker, however for a large amount of money I would consider it!

The froglet and her friends went on... she loves these rides, no truly she really really loves them and the bigger and more scary the better.

I have a photo of her laughing and swinging her legs and her friend is screaming in terror lol.

I loved the animal farm and got to pick up some lovely little chickens and got a photo of me with a little piglet squealing its head off..... then to my delight on the way out we found the reptile guy with a great selection of beasties. A black headed python (about 10kg) got a pic with him on me, a lovely little gliding possum that was sound asleep, kookaburra, Tawney frog mouth that turned his little yellow eye on me.... a fat green tree frog, a large wombat but the coolest one was the fruit bat that seemed to like me hehehehhehe

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