Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In my last post I mentioned about a friend selling her can quilter, well the auction has finished and it sold which she is delighted with, so if you bought it... thank you and I hope you enjoy your new toy :)

Today at work I nearly had a close encounter with a phone receiver that flew through the air at an accelerated speed. I had actually had a vision of this occurring and it was pure good luck that I needed to use the photocopier at the precise time that a certain person using my phone decided to terminate the phone call and hang up the receiver across the other side of the room!!

I just love my job.

Tomorrow morning is the real start of my 6 weeks challenge down the gym. On Tuesday morning we did our assessments, this time (this is my 3rd challenge) we did 5 minutes on the treadmill, the cross trainer and the bike... then we did 1 minute on this water machine that I haven't used before, its like a bike for your arms... so you pedal with your hands rather than your legs.
Finally 1 minute of push ups and 1 minute of sit ups. doesn't sound like much when I think about it, but we did do 30 Min's prior to this of weights and burpies and other little delights.

So we recorded how far we got on each of these machines and how many of the sit ups and push ups and we do it all again in 6 weeks.

So now the fun begins... we will be inside for the start of the sessions, but they tell me we will go outside for maybe the last 20 Min's or so light depending... its so freaking cold at the moment I am not looking forward to that part.

I will be posting about my challenge a fair bit in the next few weeks, so sorry if I bore you all brainless but you do have the option to not read it all I guess :)

I will post pictures and talk about my quilting too so don't give up on me completely just skim the boring bits :)

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Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Glad you didn't get hit, sounds traumatic.