Friday, August 13, 2010

Can Quilter for Sale

If any of you enjoy quilting, or think you might enjoy quilting here is the perfect item to add to your quilting room.

This can quilter is lots of fun to use and very simple. you simply put your own machine onto a little trolley and away you go! its like having a long arm quilting machine on a small scale without the huge expense.

The lady who is selling this is moving and really need to move this quilting table onto a new home as she cant take it with her. Please have a look and if you know of someone who might be in the market for a can quilter.... then look no further!!!

I need to go to sleep as I have a busy day tomorrow... but need to upload some photos from my recent retreat and all the goss :) The pc is playing sillybollocks with me and likes to freeze up just to really annoy me.... the fisherman is going to wipe the hard drive clean and re start it and I hope it will fix what ever is wrong with it, otherwise you might all be reading about a flying laptop in my suburb!

I have to save all my stuff onto my external hard drive and nerd sticks ready for him to do his stuff when he gets back from his little fishing trip :)

1 comment:

QueenB said...

Interesting choice of background Libby. What will you come up with next? Hope you can get some sewing done while the fisherman repairs your computer.