Monday, August 16, 2010

bootcamping and quilting!

Tomorrow I start my new spring challenge down the gym. This consists of me being at the gym for a 6am start to leap and jump around with several other lunatics that I call my friends lol. This events occurs on a Tuesday morning and a Thursday morning for the next 6 weeks. Not including the extra Wednesday night class that is on offer.

My friend who I am doing the round the bay with later in the year has been pushing me to get out of my comfort zone which is great as you need a buddy like that to make you work harder. We figured that we will be doing between 11-13 hours of classes each week for the next 6 weeks!

Anyway that's the boot camp bit..... now for the quilty bit!

The other week was my guilds retreat and I made all my friends a gift for their birthdays. I'm terrible at remembering to get them cards and gifts on time so I give them all a gift each retreat in honour of their birthdays!

This year I made them all a pencil roll, I found the pattern on the Internet and I'm sorry to say I have no idea which pattern I used in the end... I kind of took the idea and looked at many patterns and wrote my own using the information I gleaned from all the other posts... thank you to anyone who might have helped me :)

I used 2 different combos of fabric because the fabric I thought would make enough for everyone wasn't in fact enough!

I received some lovely gifts too as it was my birthday the week before, Claire gave me some lovely variegated cottons, which are really nice.... now to find the perfect project for them!! some of these I had bought from spotlight with my $10 gift voucher that I received for my birthday from them.
Christine also made me some lovely coat hangers... I need a better picture so I can show them to you.

my friend Jennifer made her two daughters butterflies from a Melly and me pattern. We both bought patterns months ago and she prepared her wings by doing the embroidery.... now I didn't realise that I didn't take pictures of the finished butterflies but here is an antenna.. or is it an antennae lol.

We had lovely food of course, some healthy and special diets catered for! and some not as healthy but still yummy!

this is a picture of the front of where we stay, overlooking a man made lake. We sit behind the windows and can see down the lake. Not so many ducks this year. A few superb fairy wrens were spotted but they are very fast little birds and I didn't get any pictures.

Every year I have looked at the canoes that Burnbrae have sitting on the shore and thought about going for a paddle, still thinking about it!

I went for a walk with my friend Madeline (who I think has finally recovered hehehe) and we came across a large mob of kangaroos who stood and watched us walking around. When we came across them the second time we realised that several of them had joeys in their pouches. I know I live here but I still get a buzz when I see my favourite Aussie birds and animals.

Madeline and I also found we could see a good view of the city from one of the vantage points.

Hope everyone is surviving the wet and cold weather we are experiencing here at the moment. Also some bloggers that I follow haven't been feeling the best so I hope that they are feeling better too.

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