Friday, August 27, 2010

rain, rain and more rain

Yep its offical, I do have muscles in my thighs lol, Im not complaining just stating a fact.

It has rained shitloads here (shitloads is also an offical weight) I popped out the back in between showers and took a couple of pictures of our very very soggy back yard.

Im off back down to the gym, not for me this time, but for swimming training. But tonight we are having a fun night to reward the kids who swam recently at MSAC for interclub, we are having the inflatable and then pizza afterwards. It is going to be a family night so even if some of the kids didnt swim or arent even actual members of the club they can join in.... Im putting on my bathers and going on the inflatable too!! Hope no one takes my photo.

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