Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last night we had our family fun night down at the pool. What a hoot! We got the inflatable out which is a huge long bouncy castle type thing that floats on top of the pool... its a loch ness monster and you have to negotiate around a big head then a arch and a big cone to get to the tail where you can slide down.

I hope that no one got any photos of me as I was the biggest kid of all. I got bounced and splashed and fell off so many times I lost count. I got one of the boys to give me a boost up on the end so I could slide off the end. I got smart and was waving to everyone and I fell off sideways lol.

We had ordered the perfect amount of pizza and only had one and a bit over, so we gave some to the staff for putting up with all the screaming. (think that was me rather than the kids).

At retreat recently one of the girls gave each of us in our group a egg cup that she thought suited each of us, they are really funny! Seeing as I am going to do my first round the bay in a day she thought this one was me.

I love the little birdy with a helmet on!

Christine made me these gorgeous coat hangers than she made for me and a little bag that is full of lavender so you have a nice smell with your clothes.

Home made gifts are so much nicer than store bought gifts for the one reason that its been made specially for you by your friend. However I am happy to receive any gift, handmade or not!!

Today I only went for a swim for an hour with a quick spa at the end as my right shoulder blade/back is rather sore. I think I have a rib out as this happens every now and then to me... will be seeing my osteopath sooner than I thought. Thank goodness for nurofen, speaking of which I think its time for another one.....

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