Sunday, July 11, 2010

taking a breath

Oh my, the holidays have raced away with me.

So much has happened in the last few weeks. My mum has gone into hospital and had a brand new knee installed, she is now hobbling around and has a new friend in her room who also got a new knee, she informed me that they are now racing up and down the corridor with their frames! She will go to rehab for a few weeks till she is confident on her legs again.

the fisherman has a lurgy and wastes no time letting me know that he isn't well, poor thing, I know he isn't well but I cant be too sympathetic to him!

The froglet and the noisy one had an incredibly busy day today, as did I, they competed in our swim clubs annual invitational. Poor girls, they swam all their individual races and then also were put into all the relays, so they swam 10 races each, I'm confident they will sleep well.

I helped also being the club secretary, and ran around the pool doing various tasks as needed. The one thing I really hate doing is asking (they tell me not to ask but to tell) the parents that it is their turn to do time keeping. I am happy to do my turn at time keeping, but really really hate asking/telling others... the parents should be begging me to let them time keep LOL.

I have also been watching the tour De France, I'm getting inspiration for my first big bike ride later this year, I am doing the round the bay, but only the 50km over the westgate bridge and back... I think that will be more than enough!

I was going to add some photo, but I think my gym buddies and work colleagues might kill me for some of the pics I have! I ha vent uploaded photos from the last few days so maybe once the girls are back at school I might catch up with stuff around the house... HA!

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