Monday, July 19, 2010

6 days straight

I have new roster starting next week at work, today I finished the last of my 6 days straight and the last weekend I am rostered on. After doing weekends for 8 years I am happy to be giving them up and will occasionally pick them up when the other clerk is needing a weekend off.
I will now work 3 on 4 off then 2 on 5 off. Should fit in with the gym schedule, the quilting, swimming, dancing and all the other things that I seem to be involved in!

This weekend is no different with 2 swimming competitions a Irish dance teams practice and a teams competition on Sunday afternoon.

I only have 89 days left until I do my round the bay experience and I'm getting very excited about it, hope my buddies are just as excited as I am. I have been watching the tour De France and tonight there is another evening of riding to be seen, however I am not going to sit up till 1am yet again as the last 2 nights I have fallen asleep only to be startled awake because the fisherman is yelling at the television telling them to get a move on.

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