Wednesday, June 30, 2010

school holidays again...

School holidays are here again, I have been working for the last 3 days so not much has been done in this house.
The noisy one has a cold so that has kept her a bit more quiet than normal but after 3 days of being home I think she is ready to get bopping.

The froglet has been over to hang out with the baby bat and another friend of hers had a birthday so once again mums taxi was in action. I believe she has organised this friend to come and hang out here tomorrow for a while and then another friend is coming for a sleep over on Friday!

We are planing on going into the city to see the Tim Burton exhibition and if this weather gets warmer at trip to the zoo to see the baby elephant, new tiger cubs and the new seal enclosure.

This is a project that I am helping create for work, I need to spend some time working on the centre as it needs to be finished by the 14th July.... not much time left so I better get crackalackin as the noisy one tells me

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