Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yesterday one of my friends and I went for our first training ride for the round the bay. We went for a ride along a path alongside the freeway. We did 30km round trip, the trip outwards took us an 1hr 15min as we had a hideous head wind. The return trip only took us 45mins! I love my bike!!! it was so comfy. my poor friend had a sore butt from her seat.

Today I feel fine, so will be doing a longer ride next time for sure....

The fisherman came home and taught the girls how to gut fish last week, I ended up with fish n guts all over the place, but they all did a great job.

Not enought sewing has been happening here, but with luck will be going to my guild night tommorrow to hear one of my friends talking about her quilting journey and hints and tips of how to produce better quilts.

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