Sunday, July 18, 2010

I want cheese with my whine....

Tonight I came home and found the house in a mess, at least 3 loads of washing needing to be done, stuff on the line that could have been brought in days ago, washing on the drying racks needing to be folded,sorted and put away. the dishes not done still (noisy one hasn't done them still) *sigh*

So I quietly cracked the shits and decided that I wasn't going to make anyone dinner nor was I going to ask anyone... I don't think they have realised....

I was reading my blogs I follow and found frogdancer talking about housework and the flylady. I need to bring her back into the house as I found her system worked to a degree, I altered it to fit my needs but basically doing a bit of work each day stops me having to dedicate and entire day to cleaning the house and then ending up feeling very resentful that no one else does it.

I get the girls to wash the dishes on alternative nights, sort of works with one of them, the other one has the art of procrastination to a fine art! Now I need to up the ante and get some more help, I think if I can get them to clean up places like their bathroom then they will hopefully want to keep it clean to avoid having to clean it up all the time.

wish me luck!!, maybe you should wish them luck too lol

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Jennifer said...

MMMmmmm agree with you there - it's 10am now and I'm on to my second load of wash for the day. They play or weekend "me too" then you pay for it Monday morning...maybe if I attach a mop to Grace and chase her around - I'll get a work out and the floors will get cleaned :-)