Saturday, May 22, 2010

When I woke up this morning I was greeted by this little feller waving his fin at me in the fridge.
The fisherman had a good night of fishing and caught a salmon, who turned into bait. The bait caught a shark of some sort, a skate and then this salmon. The first two headed back to sea but this little treasure came home to terrorise my fridge.
If you look at the picture (but not too closely lol) you will see the egg carton that my friend gave me with a dozen yummy eggs from her 3 chooks, sooty, sweep and sue.

I'm now on day 4 of 6 for work and then I have one day off and work another 2 days. The other girl that did my job on the days I don't work finished on Tuesday. Unfortunately there is no one else and I cant work more than 6 in a row so for the next month or more until they advertise and employ and then I train them up I'm 'the one'.

We did have a great night out for her leaving run, one of the boys and I got stuck into the black sambuca.... yum! I surprised myself and my work colleagues when I turned up to work on Friday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. I used to drink like a fish but not anymore, so I did expect to feel a little fuzzy.

I also received my 2nd fruit and vegie box.... more nice apples, bananas, mandarins and onions plus the bag of carrots (need to eat more of them suckers!) This weeks special was an enormous bunch of silverbeet (gag) the chooks enjoyed a large portion of this and the rest I will give to my mum as she loves it. Persimons, kiwis, tassie potatoes and a box of cherry tomatoes.
I cooked up some apples that were going abit squishy, nothing like fresh stewed apples :)

Im now working on my last block for the quilters journey (I think I might have mentioned this before). I am hand piecing the final block and hope to trace the embroidery in the next week or two.

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