Thursday, May 6, 2010

this yummy little cake was devoured by one of my gym junkies children when we went out for lunch recently, she made up for the rest of us hehehe.

My boss very kindly gave me her cold, not happy Jan! but I got up, took my drugs and went to the gym and beat up my partner as best I could in knock out class this morning. Part way through class I thought I was going to die, then I got some energy from unknown parts and managed to finish the class, feeling a little less than good now BUT I am going to be really nice and share my cold with my quilting buddies as my mums quilt is ready for pick up tonight.

I was wondering to myself what to give my mum for mothers day and now my dilemma is all sorted!! just got to pull my finger out and get that binding on before Sunday.... piece of cake really as I know i can do it, just need to do it and not sit on this thing lol.

The new bike is great, but the weather isn't being very kind to me so riding is minimal at the moment, also trying to get my gym friends to come for a ride with me, there is a track we want to do which I am led to believe is about 40km which is what we need to do for our round the bay later in the year.

Hope everyone who is going to the show this weekend doesn't enjoy themselves at all... no just joking, I'm just jealous... I really hope you all have a wonderful time and spend loads of money and find some nice stuff for me heheheheh (not joking about that one lol).

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