Sunday, May 9, 2010

mothers day

Today was mothers day down under. Now my past mothers days have left me feeling a little less than special, but today I was suitable impressed.

The fisherman crept out early and bought some bacon (couldn't find it in the fridge) some bread... I hadn't bought any due to feeling extremely ill with a cold that my boss kindly shared with me and some flowers.

I was woken by a very bright light (could have been a bit more subtle lol) and a loaded tray with a cup of tea, toast,bacon and 2 poached eggs (my fav) and the most special thing was a yellow rose in a vase that the noisy one made for me in material tech class. I was delighted! first handmade gift since kinder!! (thank you material tech teacher!!)

The froglet eventually did the dishes and cleaned up the mess that the fisherman and the noisy one made.

Then the girls and I went to my mums and gave her the quilt I made for her, which she was delighted with.

Home to have take away Japanese dinner so no cooking, cleaning or dishes for me today!!!

photos tomorrow as I can be bothered getting up and getting the camera!

Happy mothers day to everyone who has children, furry or otherwise :)

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