Monday, May 10, 2010

post mothers day photos

here is the lovely vase that the noisy one made me in material tech, I'm still smiling each time I look at it

Here is mums new quilt hanging on her fence outside her unit.

Anita from Hillside quilting did another wonderful job and finished it for me in perfect time!

Mum called me today to let me know that all her cronie mates had admired her new quilt and its now on her bed ready for tonight.

Planning on a big bike ride on Thursday... cross fingers that the rain gods don't come along


CurlyPops said...

WoW! You and your mum both scored well with the mothers day pressies. Homemade materials tech pressies are certainly much more swisho these days - that's a work of art.

Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

I love the spiral detailing on the quilt, it looks lovely!

Libster said...

i just noticed you can see the blob of pink tack holding the 'test tube' in place... think there is a little leak too. but yes very swish!
The design suited the fabric really well, i wanted a flowery thing with leaves so this was ideal and kept it looking modern.

bluebird-lyn said...

Hello Libster, your Mum's quilt is the colour combination....also the really makes the quilt...Warm Regards, Lyn

Anonymous said...

I love the quilt.... Now I want you to make me one almost the same with less pink maybe a bit more red and orange.... I love the green. mmmmm You need to tell me how much you would charge me...

Love the Audi driving person that makes you wake up far too early and drive to the scareport


PS Mum has been in ICU for the past 3 weeks it's been very yucky

Lasso the Moon said...

The quilt is beautiful. Very nice work. Love the pattern.