Sunday, May 16, 2010

busy weekends

Last night we had the swim clubs presentation night and A.G.M. The hardest thing was getting one of the parents to put up their hand and become the president. I am now the secretary of the club and we have some great people on board to help run a club that is all about helping our kids achieve their swimming dreams.

The noisy one did very well in the club championships and came 1st in 3 events, 2nd in 2 events and one 3rd place.

The froglet had ramped up her act this part year and her coach saw this in her efforts each week and her times showed her improvements weekly. She received a coveted coaches award and also came 1st in her age group in the club championships. She was rather stoked, I of course and rather proud :)

The froglet decided we needed to make some more pies and while we were making them a sorting hat appeared from a blob of dough....

From a frying pan of mince and shrooms appeared some more pies which didn't last long again.

nom nom nom

This is the box of fruit and veg I had delivered to my door last Wednesday night, my friend is working for this company that does these boxes, so I thought I would give them a try and see if it helped save me money, time and gave me quality fruit and veg (and helped her out of course!). I am so far impressed with the quality of the goods, its making me eat my fruit more as I know I am going to get more this week and my fruit bowl is bursting at the seams so its got to be good for me!

I'm now about to start my final block of the month for the quilters journey by Leanne's house. Will need to find a new hand piecing project... might just get my Dear Jane out!

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