Thursday, October 29, 2015

UFO done!

 I have been blessed with some really really good friends.  I have had visitors come to see me, feed me, take me to the shops and I received some lovely get well cards and gifts.  Thank you so much it has kept me sane and helped keep my spirits high.
 Cookie has really enjoyed the mornings out on the back veranda with me while I have sat and sewn... I wish I could twist into the odd positions he gets into.
 My war wounds are healing nicely, the scabs are all falling off... I use bio oil which has helped, I shall keep on applying this to my nice new pink skin and hope that my scars aren't too bad.
 TADA!  the little stitchery is finished!  After many many years of sitting in a bag I finally finished it.  now to start on the bigger quilt, I also have the DWR to work on.
Our weeping Calistamon is coming out in flowers.. the last few days all I can hear is the hum of the bees and the squawking and beak clacking of the honey eaters that love to eat the nectar out of the flowers.

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