Monday, October 19, 2015

small misadventure

So  I knew one day I would have a fall off my bike.... don't panic... I am fine, well sort of.

I was riding with my friends and turned left around a corner doing about 35-40 kmph and hit a patch of gravel... I knew what was coming and my wheels slid out from under me and i landed on my left side.

 This is my left elbow

and this is my left calf... I also have a few little cuts on my left thigh.  However even though these look impressive they aren't what is giving me grief.

The ambos said I hadn't broken anything so i went home and this morning when to my doctor who wisely got me some xrays and CT scans which showed that I do indeed have fractures.

I have this.... a L5 transverse fracture and my left sacrum is also fractured.  so my arse is sore.

Please don't panic and tell me off...  I got some good drugs (and to be honest one is kicking in now and I think I might just fall asleep ha.)

I have learnt a valuable lesson... don't speed and turn on gravel.

Wasabi is ok.... I asked about her straight up.. and checked her out today..... but she will go and see her doctor later in the week too for a checkup.

So 4 weeks off work to start with... he didn't say i couldn't ride.... but i cant see me doing that at the moment anyway :)

Sewing time will occur!  but first Im having a nap zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Christine M said...

Ouch! I hope you heal quickly, Libby. xx

Melody said...

Oh least you lived to tell the tale. Hope you recover quickly.