Sunday, October 25, 2015

time to hand sew

so here I am one week after my close encounters with the gravel.

I am healing ever so slowly..... time for me to learn to be patient.

I have however used my time well and have been working on the froglets double wedding ring quilt.  I now have 5 rings in a row!

My friend is going to come over on Tuesday and we will lay it all out and label the pieces so i have a nice balanced quilt.  Yes its a scrappy quilt but I still like it to be balanced... nothing worse than finding all the dark bits are in one corner after you have quilted it!!

My left buttock is aching now... think I might have over done it a little.... tomorrow shall be another 'rest' day.

1 comment:

Christine M said...

Your rings look great, Libby. I hope you heal quickly.