Monday, October 26, 2015

time for UFO's

So today the fisherman/mamil took me to the shops to get the food shopping.  He is a bit of a maniac driver so once I got inside Coles I took over my own driving.

We did get all the shopping done and into the car without any mishaps, but I think a few people leapt out of our way haha.

I came home and sat down with a few UFO's and got stuck into this particular project.  The blue pen i originally used to mark the lines with have partly disappeared, I think it was on a particularly humid day.  I'm wondering if the rest of the blue will come out or if the heat has  set the remainder of the lines.....

I also have a larger UFO of the same designer with the same problem.... I'm going to sew over the blue as much as I can so if it doesn't come out it should be hidden.

I know of a friend who had a whole cloth and had it in the back of her car one day when the temperature soared above the 40's and set the blue lines, has anyone else had a pen issue?

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