Saturday, October 17, 2015

a weekend of stuff

 So last week we had a little rain.....
 It turned to hail..... just some small ones.
 It poured!  This was just after we had done around the bay in a day... the fisherman had done his first 100km ride.  It was perfect conditions, best in 5 years.
 Muck up day on Wednesday... this is part of the noisy ones costume... it will hang from her umbrella, she is a weather reporter from a game she plays online.
 I got me some nice new socks.... and have started to top up the tan again!
 The fisherman decided to pull several bikes apart and turn them into a 'new' bike to put on the trainer on the back veranda so he can ride/train on it.
Cookie was playing the you cant see me game... hahahah.  fail.

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