Sunday, January 25, 2015

Triathlon pink

 Today was my annual triathlon down at Albert Park Lake.  the morning was rather cool to start with and we even had a little rain but by the time we hit he water the sun was starting to shine.
 I did the long course again but there was 210 other ladies in the water too which turned the pool into a giant washing machine with elbows, feet and hands flying in all directions making the swim rather treacherous.  My bestie got a few hits to her head but came out unscathed
 I decided that I wasn't going to turn this into a giant smash fest and enjoyed my journey without all the stress of trying to beat my best times.  Was the best decision I could have made as I still managed to come 7th in my age group and 3rd in the bike leg.

 Here I am shuffling along the path, I was hurting a bit by this time but I thought of my friends who I have lost to cancer and it kept me moving along.
I did come home and do some more sewing and prepped a couple of stitcheries!  was a productive weekend that I had.

Have your self a happy Australia day tomorrow.  I have to work but have some Aussie stuff to wear and I made some chocolate cupcakes in green and gold cases!


Christine M said...

Well done on your Triathlon, Libby. A great effort.

QueenB said...

Well Done Libby you should be very proud of yourself