Sunday, January 18, 2015

trip to brisvegas

 The Froglet and I drove her car loaded up with her personal belongings and we began a 3 day journey up north.  We drove to Dubbo for our first day which took us about 11 hours.  I was actually pleased with the roads and we found the best bakery in Culcairn just out of Albury for breakfast.  The weather warmed up pretty quickly and my jumper didn't come out until I came home.
 Our second day was much shorter and drove about 6 hours to Gundawindi.  We arrived just after 2pm and we jumped in the pool at the motel straight away (that was one of the deciding factors for booking this particular motel!)  They had a great sign in the main street and it shows you the distances from most of the major cities in Australia.
 We had rain on and off most of the 3 days and the final hour into Brisbane was torrential, nothing like our rain here in Melbourne.  We drove up to Mooloolaba for a day at the beach, the sun came out and even though we slip slop slapped we got a bit of sunburn.
 I went for a walk one afternoon with the plan to take many photos, but after 10 minutes it poured on me and I was drenched in no time, this didn't really bother me as it was quite warm and I was actually happy to cool down somewhat.  I did find many mango trees just hanging over the footpaths and the scent of frangipani was on every corner.
Before I knew it my week away was over and I was boarding my plane home.  The froglet and I shed several tears before I walked through security.  Its only  about 7 weeks until she comes home for her graduation ceremony and there are plans for me to return up north and her sister to also join her for a visit.

I did get to visit 2 quilt shops.... more on that in another post!


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Tis a teary, but proud time when our young women embark on their adult lives away from us. Bless you all as you transition, Libster.
Enjoy 'walking the room' too! :-)

Maddy said...

I am looking forward and dreading Sean's move to Melbourne. Thought he would be the one to stay if any. So excited for Sean and Rachel starting the next faze in their lives. Will be done in Melbourne ourselves in Feb, visiting them and other family members. Hope to catch up again.