Monday, February 2, 2015

A special ride and some stitching!

 On Saturday I got to ride in Geelong for the first Cadel Evans great ocean road race... the peoples ride!.  I did the 110km option with my friends. Ended up being 114km
 There was nearly 4000 cyclists eager to be part of this first ever event.  The ladies elite rode the same route as we did (several hours later!)  and on the Sunday the men did the same route but both of the elite rides did some extra kms.
My friends were faster than me and got back to Geelong first, but being slow has its merits!  I got to ride with Cadel himself!  yes, I kid you not.... there I was struggling along  riding like the wind and I turned to my right and nearly fell off my bike as there in his black and red BMC lycra was the man himself!
He smiled and waved and continued down the road, such an unexpected surprise... it might have been brief but we shared a moment on the road.
 I sat down on Sunday to watch Cadel and all the other cyclists ride the same roads... I must say it was very exciting watching them ride, knowing how hard it was.  The winds blew us to pieces on Saturday, I had thought the first 50km would be fairly easy being mostly flat HA!  then after Moriac the hills.... Oh my lordy.  There was one hill in particular that many of us had to walk up and even then it was a killer!
 While I watched the men riding at super sonic speeds I stitched my sparrows.
 I haven't started the smaller one yet but I have nearly finished the larger one
 This last photo shows the peoples ride starting.... I was there.... somewhere LOL

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