Friday, January 2, 2015

gotta love hot cross buns.....

 This is my hoya, its going bananas and I have so many flowers on it for the first time in years.  This plant started as a cutting from my mums plant, which was a cutting from her mum, and from her mum.  So its actually a very old plant.
 The sad part is that you cant pick the flowers but I can enjoy them on my veranda.
 YES!!!  hot cross bun time.  I don't care that they are out 3 days into the new year, I enjoy eating them any time of year..... unfortunately so does the rest of the family so I had to fight them for my one bun today.
We also have a few days of stinking hot weather so out comes the pool ready to cool off tomorrow!


QueenB said...

lib, taste the dew fro the hoya it's sweet!

Maddy said...

Love your Hoya, such a beabeautiful old fashioned flower.

Hot cross buns out already!

Christmas in october, Easter in January.

T's all about the money, about the money, no worries. LOL.