Friday, January 23, 2015

quilting in queensland

 This is the wall hanging that I made the froglet.  I started it some years ago, many of you might recognise the pattern as being a millamac pattern.  I thought it was an appropriate gift for her first appartment her boyfriend rolled his eyes when he saw it was yet another frog! So while she was in New Zealand on a holiday I finished it and suprised her with it when we got to Brisbane.
 I went to a shop in Eatons Hill and she had a basket full of her patterns, I hadn't seen so many in many years.  The shop owner told me that the millamac lady isn't doing any more patterns which is a shame as they were good 'Aussie' fun ones.... at least i know where to find them!  Alovely shop to visit with friendly ladies.
 Then I was also able to visit a shop in Keperra  I had found both these shops on the Internet and I did my homework to find them on google maps (I love google maps, I use the street view so I know landmarks!)  This shop is called

  I found a table full of lovely fabrics on special and as soon as I saw this I knew exactly what I could use it for and I had to have it. I can now do a BOM by Jenny of  its called the vintage kitchen and it is one of her many freebies that she generously gives out.  I havent done any of Jennys projects yet but some of my friends have so now I have no excuse.... apart from getting some thread sorted!
I also found a pattern for Australian flags which I had to have, I'm a proud bogan!  I was also lucky enough to meet Michelle Long who designed this lovely pattern which is a pattern.  She showed me a little quilt she had just about finished for a swap that was going to the USA.

This shop was even closer to the froglet so when I visit I can walk there or catch the train as its on the same line that is across the road from her place.  I might even be able to time a visit and do a class (got to keep myself busy when she is working!).

School goes back next week and I hope that some normality to the household might come back and I will start to sort out my crap  possessions  and get some much needed sewing done!

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Christine M said...

I remember when you first started that hanging, Libby. So glad to see it finished. I bet the Froglet was excited to see it.