Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Slog

 Today's adventure was in Pakenham.  My bestie and I rode in a charity ride called The Slog.  We did the 100km route.
 we heard there was about 350 riders doing  the ride.  There was 4 options 30km, 70km, 100km and 150km.
 It was one of the best supported rides I have ever done, and Ive done a few now.  The volunteers were amazing and seemed to be there just when you needed water or a snack.
 We rode into Drouin for lunch which was great.  For $10 they gave us a chicken and salad wrap, an apricot bar, a huge cake bar and 4 freddo frogs!  I also had a gatorade... love those drinks!
The temps were high and the winds blew hard but we got to Garfield and had a well earned icy pole.  The last 10kms were hard with the headwind but we are locking in the ride for next year!

No sewing today for me, but I have nothing planned tomorrow so I'm hoping to get some sewing done.

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Maddy said...

You are one motivated women.