Saturday, November 15, 2014


 So last night I go and get my bike ready for the morning ride... I check my tyres after my rides but I hadn't realised that the rear tyre was as bad as this.  you can see the wire thread and the tyre itself is flat instead of being rounded... not a good mix when you like to descend big hills at top speeds!
 So off to the bike shop I go this morning and get some new tyres, I got a sweet deal on a pair of gatorskins,,,, (love the name of these tyres!)  I'm going on the great Victorian bike ride in 2 weeks time, I don't think the old tyres would have done so well after 500km....
 I have been sewing bits and pieces in between working extra shifts and doing all my rides.
 On Thursday night the froglet scored free tickets to go to the Melbourne's food festival at Albert park lake, so we went and tasted our way through various stall holders..... no the above item isn't a spider... its a soft shell crab in a souvlaki... it WAS good.  We had other yummy treats and the macarons below were the best... we had a salted caramel one... mmmmmm
I really enjoyed my night out with my beautiful daughter, she is moving up to Brisbane in January so spending time with her at things like this is great.

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