Saturday, November 1, 2014

whittlesea show time

 Who doesn't love a show? its been many years since I was at the whittlesea show but it hasn't really changed which I believe is a good thing
 lots of lovely baked good, arts, crafts, stunning display of botany!
 music.... this was the Yea pipes and drums, I love hearing this music
 my training partners favourite animal!  Camel rides and of course pony rides
 Equestrian events, showjumping and dressage as well as showing and the small ponies pulling the little carts.
 lovely quilts in the show, I happen to know the lady who made this one :)  and she won a prize.
 of course there are show bags.
 Clydesdale's waiting to be judged
 The light cavalry was even there.
In the entrance to the arts and crafts was this stunning appliqued quilt.  I managed to get up close and personal with it to study it better.  beautiful work.

I enjoyed my visit to the show, I was actually there helping man our tent for the swim club so was able to do a little sight seeing before my turn on the stand.

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shez said...

Looks like a fun filled day,Thankyou for sharing.xx