Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nearly there!

only 3 days to go until I join the Great Victorian Bike ride.  7 days of riding and fun (with a rest day thrown in) 520km

It starts in Albury and winds its way down towards Lilydale.  We ride to Yackandanda, Bright, the tiny town of Moyhu where we will increase the population by 1600% down to Mansfield where we stay for 2 nights (might ride up Mt Buller again!)

 down through Bonnie Doon to stay in Alexandra and then through Marysville where the bush fires all but destroyed the town in Black Saturday.  We get to ride through the black spur to Healesville for our final night under canvas and then a short ride the next day to Lilydale.

I am very excited and have been counting down the days for nearly a year now.  This will be my first holiday by myself without the fisherman or the girls.  It will be all about me for this trip!

I have been sewing today, sorry no photos.

If I don't post again before my trip I shall do a GV posting when I return.

happy sewing and riding!


Jennifer said...

Enjoy -have the time of you life. Look forward to hearing all about this adventure. Cheers Jen

Christine M said...

Good luck with your ride Libby. I'm sure you'll have a great time. Ride safely!

Maddy said...

You are amazing, enjoy yourself. Looking forward to your speedy return to hear about your adventures.

Melody said...

Keep safe and have heaps of fun