Sunday, February 23, 2014

cushions and driving tests

 So the froglet conned me into making the boyfriend a cushion to go with his quilt.... I was thinking bout something along these lines, just going to quilt this to make it a bit more sturdy and then turn it into a nice cushion.
 My biggest news though and really scary too, is that the froglet after 135 hours of driving with me passed her driving test on Friday and is now a fully fledged red P plater!  omg.... I knew she would pass but now I have the worry of her out on the road on her own.  She is on her maiden solo trip into work in the city.  She called me when she got there and had parked, she was worried she would be fined but we had sussed out the parking weeks ago and I reassured her she would be fine.  Its now 11pm, she text me to let me know she is on her way home.
Most of you will recognise the hungry Caterpillar fabric, the froglet loves this story and asked me for a cushion a while ago.
 I decided that passing her driving test was good enough to reward her with her prized cushion.
 I used a pattern that I bought from a few years ago and made for my mum.  Obviously this isn't the fabric or design but I was able to convert it without much trouble to utilise the fabrics.
I also managed to finally turn a project that I started at our guilds symposium into a cushion.  this was kellie wolfson of who seems to have fallen off the Internet... I hope that she is well and just taking a break from the pressures of blogging etc.

Was a busy weekend with the noisy one going to a party and dressed up as Abby from NCIS, she had to dye her hair black and I used a sharpie to give her tattoos... something is wrong with my photo card and it wont download my photos eeekkkk!  hope that I can get them onto the pc as she looked great.

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Maddy said...

Congrats to the Froglet....lovely cushions.