Monday, February 3, 2014

Blocks complete in the heat

 the heat knocked the stuffing out of the cat... he was on top of the TV and fell off with a thunk and then decided to just stay there... note the left paw its across his chest lol.
 Milly also was pretty quiet but still wanted to be as close to me as possible.  The weather has been really hot here, but today we had a lovely cool change.
 I have now completed the blocks for the boyfriends quilt, so now to lay them out and sew them up.

 So many different colours....

 Even though there are some flowers I think it wont be too girly.  Some of the fabrics actually remind me of Hawaiian shirts.

This is an updated photo of the war wound. Ive decided its like a carpet burn... I think my poor beast got more damage than me, I broke my drink bottle cage... its got good old gaffer tape holding it together till I buy a new one.... chipped a hunk of paint off and the end of my left hood (for non cyclists its the bit that has the gear levers on).  Might seem trivial but imagine your sewing machine with hunks out of it!! 


QueenB said...

Love the dead cat routine! Mine usually camp on the floor.Looking forward to seeing the quilt top together

Maddy said...

Looking forward to seeing the quilt top completed, fabric looks amazing from what l can see. Hopefully the weather will cool off a bit for you all.