Wednesday, February 12, 2014

still sewing and riding

 oopps... these photos are sideways!!  oh well will give your neck a stretch to the side heheheh.  As you can see I have finished the blocks and sewn them together.
 The boarders need to go on... they are the dark blue and I believe will frame the quilt nicely.

 Ive been on 2 weeks annual leave and been trying to sew in between some stinking hot weather.

 On Sunday I rode up Arthur's Seat as part of Amy's ride.  I have done this climb 2 years ago and i had hoped to see some improvement in my time as I had done very little riding 2 years ago.
 I knocked off nearly 10 minutes on my climb, gotta be happy with that! 
 The climb is actually quite short at just shy of 3km.  But there are some brutal corners with some very steep gradients.
 There was another descccent further into the ride, it had a warning sign saying caution steep decent... I couldn't see the road as I approached it and then when I got to the crest it just plunged down and had 2 hairpin bends.... I must say I really enjoyed the decent, didn't really bother with the brakes and got my top speed ever..... 68.8kmph  I didn't know at the time I was doing that but my friend said I just disappeared over the edge woo hooing.
 Unfortunately it was 30degrees when we started at 8.30am and that took its toll on many many riders.  We got to the 41km drink station only to find that there was no water for us... I can tell you we weren't impressed, along with nearly 1000 other riders.  We went into a farmhouse and got water from them... but a little further up the road we were informed that due to the high temps (now into the 40's) and the high winds (up to 70kmph) the 100km ride was cancelled and we had to turn off to do the 60km ride.  It was bitter sweet as we were looking forward to doing another 100km ride but it was getting rather hairy with the wind and debris on the road.
This is the view from near the top of Arthur's Seat, looking down towards Macrae... we went and had a well earned coffee and date scone there before going home.  The Jayco tour was supposed to have their final race on sunday after we had finished our ride, but it was also cancelled... so we drove up to take the photos, we couldnt quite believe we had ridden up there a few hours earlier :)

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Maddy said...

Libby you are a star! Love the quilt colours they are fantastic, l am sure the recipient is going to adore it.