Saturday, March 1, 2014

why did I wait so long?

exciting news.... I got a new laptop.

well its actually a notebook according to the box.  Its an Asus, and I'm quite pleased with it so far.

Its windows 8 so there is a challenge :)  but seeing that my old laptop takes over 10 mins to turn on and connect to the Internet and at least that to shut down... plus it used to tell me scripts where running and it would just freeze up for no reason for hours.

In the last couple of hours I have turned this on, started it up etc and been surfing the net i realise how much I had been putting up with... its SOOO fast!!

saved all my photos onto my external hard drive, my music etc so stay tuned for my next post.

hoping for good weather in the morning to go for a ride into the local hills. got Mt Buller in 3 weeks!!

why did I wait so long to get a new laptop?  money of course lol..... and I got an incredible deal... the froglet also bought herself a new smaller notebook to take to uni.. shes going to pick hers up tomorrow.  wonder if windows 8 will disturb her lol