Sunday, October 30, 2011

whats in your sewing bag??

Yesterday after I did a mega pink class down the gym (2 hours of different classes) with all money raised going to breast cancer, I came home and sat down for a change and worked on my double wedding ring for a while. My team partner and I have decided on our next event, it will be our first Triathlon for the season on the 4th December... stay tuned for more!

I have taken my bernina to be serviced and used my older machine but wasn't happy with the results.. think my brother needs a service too.

While I sewed cookie the quilt inspector decided to get some much needed ZZ's in, oh the life!

While I sat here, I looked at my sewing bag and wondered if everyone has as much junk in theirs as I do in mine.

most things are sewing related, but I do have a few odds and ends that my friends have given me and reside permanently in my bag

I have threads of different brands. I use gutermann mostly but several of my friends use aurifil and love this thread so I have bought some to try out.

I love my little unpicker... Mr Plod!

Of course sewing bags are the best place to hide lollies or chocolate that you don't want your family to find, after all who would go into mums sewing bag??!!

I don't have a kitchen sink, but I do have a cow heheheheh.

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Frogdancer said...

I've seen those quilts but never been game enough to start one. You're a braver woman than I!