Sunday, October 23, 2011

fun run completed

Today I ran my first fun run. surprised? Yeah I train a lot in the gym and do triathlons but never actually done a fun run (this word fun, I'm not sure about lol).

The day started out foggy and chilly but before we started the cloud cleared and out came the sun!! Was a glorious day for a great event. The fun run was held to raise funds for the Northern Hospital so I hope that they can buy some much needed equipment with the money raised.

I started out towards the front of the pack but we spread out pretty quickly and there was plenty of room for everyone. The volunteers did a great job and were stationed at all the corners and possible turn offs so we wouldn't go the wrong way. I knew quite a few of them which was great as they cheered me on and kept me going.

I struck trouble within the first 1.5km when a bee hit me in the face just below my eye and stung me.... oh the pain! I was crying from the pain but kept on going as I was on a mission. My head is still pounding, thank goodness I'm not allergic to the little suckers.

I decided that I would stop at the 3.5km after this as my eye was throbbing, but when I got to the gates they pointed to the 7km continue lane and my choice was made for me.

My team partner did even better than me and her son who is only 12 won the under 15, 7km division, way to go babychino!! (he wants to do a marathon now, I will watch him!)

I will admit that I didn't run the entire way but I'm happy that I finished in a time of about 46Min's, not the fastest time but for me its a PB. There was a few times that I felt like either throwing up or quitting all together but I promised myself that I would finish the run for myself and for a special lady who IS going to do a fun run with me when she gets her new lungs!!

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CurlyPops said...

Wow! 46 minutes is amazing.