Saturday, October 22, 2011

busy busy busy!!

Well those that know me, will be nodding their heads at the above statement heheheh.

My friend and I did our 2Nd round the bay in a day. We had her hubby, her 12yr old son with his new road bike and my other gym buddy come along. Was a great day out, I didn't enjoy the headwind at all, which was all the way to Altona. The best thing about the headwind is that I knew I would have a tailwind home whoo hooo. But it rained on us for a while so that was rather chilly.

We got a really nice finishers medal when we got back to Alexandra gardens so that was a lovely finish to the day (not to mention a crunchie bar or two!!).

Cookie was sitting eyeballing something this afternoon, he was supervising the unpacking of my new fabric purchases.

I took the noisy one and my mum for a little jaunt today, we visited Gail B's patchwork shop in Bayswater.

She has a large selection of fabrics, notions, and everything you may need to create a masterpiece.

I picked up these 2 yummy jellyrolls and was told that the yardage wont be out for a couple of months....

No probs I thought as the pattern I was going to use doesn't need any any extra yardage.

But then I read the pattern again and started to measure my strips and discovered to my horror that the pattern doesn't really suit these fabrics at all. so fortunately I had 3 other patterns that I was considering and was able to change my mind. The bad news is that I now need some background fabric grrrr. The good news is that I think I can get away with some other fabrics from other ranges... the stripey stuff is for binding (hope I have enough) So I may have to make another trip to Bayswater.... damn! Will go without non quilting people this time!!

Tomorrow I have my first ever fun run. I am not a big fan of running due to the fact it hurts my feet. This run is local and is only 7km I know the track as my team coffee mate and I have walked it several times together in the past weeks.

I will post how I go. The froglet is doing the 3.5km walk with some of my other friends. I know my friends will help me keep on going, I'm not doing this to win but to finish so wish me luck. I only did 4 training sessions this week, last week in 5 days I did a whopping 9 sessions! so hope it pulls me through. Just adding a little extra note here, will be dedicating this run to a fellow blogger that I admire greatly, she knows who she is...

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CurlyPops said...

Good luck today Libster! It's the perfect weather for it.
You never know, one of these days I might actually be able to do a fun run too.