Sunday, August 28, 2011

wet cat

I couldnt get a photo of cookies face, he wasnt terribly impressed.

Cookie has been 'washed' several times since he has come into our home, we are lucky as he isnt that worried about being washed and just hangs there while you wash what ever bits are needed.

The other day he was being a smart arse and was walking around the rim of the toilet while I was having a shower... he usually sits and yells at the door until I open it and talk to him. This time he slipped...... yep his backside had a cold wash cycle!

I grabbed him as he was shaking his back legs and washed him down with warm water as I was still in the shower... this made for an even wetter cat and I think he was rather unimpressed.

Now although we are searching for a dog to join our family this isnt our new puppy, this is my friends beautiful new boarder collie pup called Nelly.

I know she will be a lovely companion for my friend who is doing a great job of bringing her up.

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QueenB said...

Nelly looks very cute and intelligent you friend is in for a lovely time! Cookie will prob stay off the toilet unless the lid is down in future ! Want to bathe a Coon and see the result?????