Wednesday, August 10, 2011

no photos

the froglet has stolen my camera so I have no photos to show you as I haven't uploaded them yet.


I had to go to the podiatrist today (much overdue) I got plantar fascitis some years ago and had to get orthotics. After many years of wearing daggy shoes it has pretty much healed.

Today they told me that rather than getting corrective orthotics I can now get supportive orthotics and this I hope will help remove the pain I feel when I am exercising. Think of the pain you get when you have been on your feet for hours walking or just standing and that's what I often experience after 15Min's of running around the gym.... not good when you are training for triathlons and such.

I'm on holidays for 2 weeks and I can see this time being taken up with visits to dentists, Dr's, the vet, the tax man, the mechanic, the auto trim man to fix the roof of my car that is falling off... makes for interesting backseat travelling.

Will retrieve my camera soon.


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hopefully your new shoes will help with the pain.
Isn't it something when you get vacation time and you have to do all the stuff you really don't want to do and there's no time to do the fun things and then all of sudden it's all over.
Hopefully you find some time to enjoy it!
Prim Blessings

POD in the making said...

You need a 2nd opinion.........